Inspire and engage your organization with an entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset Keynotes

Stakeholder engagement is essential to bring about organizational change. An ELI keynote is designed to inspire and engage your audience in the entrepreneurial mindset by redefining entrepreneurship in a way that anyone can embrace.

Top 5 Requested Keynotes:

  • Redefining Entrepreneurship
  • Cultivating Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Leading with an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Shifting Entrepreneurship from the Perimeter to the Core
  • Driving Engagement with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our leadership team includes internationally recognized thought leaders in the field of entrepreneurial mindset education. Visit our keynote speakers and downloadable bios on Our Team page. ELI keynote speakers are also available for Question & Answer sessions, book signings, and publicity requests.

Sample Keynote

Listen to ELI Founder Gary Schoeniger present a keynote on Shifting Entrepreneurship from the Perimeter to the Core at the International Conference of Educational Innovation in Mexico City, Mexico in December 2016.


  • "I first met Gary Schoeniger at an Innovation Summit we started at Purdue University in 2016. We invited Gary to be a speaker and to serve on working groups to help us develop an innovation and entrepreneurship curricula for our college. Gary was an outstanding contributor to the summit and gave what I think was the best presentation of all of our speakers at the summit.  Gary['s] breadth and depth of knowledge related to innovation and entrepreneurship is quite extraordinary."

    Gary R. Bertoline, Dean and Distinguished Professor, Purdue Polytechnic Institute

  • "Not only was Gary’s message about grassroots entrepreneurship engaging and infectious, it is perhaps the most needed approach for getting the US economy and the developing world on track by fostering bottom up solutions that empower people to take charge of their lives and boost their local economies."

    Steven Van Yoder, Global Entrepreneurship Congress

  • "Bree’s innovative keynote on entrepreneurship education was inspiring to our audience of community leaders, students, faculty, and business owners. She presented a compelling argument for instilling the entrepreneurial mindset in every student. Bree’s application of statistics, multimedia, and real-world examples was customized to our audience and very persuasive."

    Stacee McIff, Snow College

  • "The best presenters are those who speak from their experience and from their heart. Bree Langemo spoke in a manner that demonstrated this integration of knowledge with passion for the entrepreneur and the mindset that sets them apart."

    Stanley S. Gryskiewicz, Ph.D., Association for Managers of Innovation Founder & Board Chair

  • "The information was exactly what the organizations needed to hear."

    John R. Cyr, Executive Director, Kansas Association of Regional Development Organizations

  • "I loved every second and hung onto every word!!!"

    Alexandria Bonaquisto, Utah State University Eastern